Cruise Control Won’t Turn on

Cruise control will not activate

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The cruise management on my ninety nine Boxster will not be working. The cruise control indicator light on the dash will activate after i park the automotive and

will keep on as lengthy as the gear is in parking “P” position. It will also keep on when i again up the automobile (gear in “R” place).

Once i shift the gear to “D” and begin to drive, the cruise control indicator on the dash will flip off right away.

Where should I start to search for the problem? Does the automobile has cruise control module someplace?


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Cruise control is in the cluster, there isn’t any module as in some vehicles. When you do a search on how to put in the cruise control or add it to a automotive you will discover a tutorial on how it gets wired. Yours is different from most faults I’ve read. There is a fuse that supplies energy.

When you turn the cruise off on the stalk, turn the automobile off after which start it, shift to drive, can you turn the light on then?

I consider the cruise is just enabled in drive. So the sunshine going off, type of stumps me.

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How lengthy has it been because you changed your ignition switch? A foul switch will ship you an everyday witch hunt of weird problems. I’ve replace two lately in my two Boxsters…

2000S …My radio wouldn’t turn off when i turned the automotive off and eliminated the key ( it should play for 10-15 seconds or so) and the interior gentle wouldn’t go out.

1998…All my climate controls stop working often when I’d begin the automotive after which work fantastic the subsequent time. Radio would work positive one time and then haven’t any power subsequent time I started the automotive.

All had been solved by putting in new ignition switches. For a $15 investment and an hours worth of your time, you might need to try changing the change and see if it helps.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Discovered the problem. It was the brake pedal swap (The one simply above the brake pedal).

I had an issue of not having the ability to shift the gear when the automotive is at “P” place.

So I bought an inexpensive (not OEM) brake pedal switch and put in it. The model known as Facet and it does fix the shifting drawback however after I put in

it, the cruise control stopped working.

Today, I installed my previous half back and it wouldn’t shift once more as I anticipated however guess what the cruise management is working again.

So the issue is definitely the faulty brake pedal swap.

It’s extremely interesting that brake pedal switch additionally controls the cruise control.

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